Cloud Toy

The sad cloud of IoT

I was in a shop recently and came across a child’s nightlight I liked the look of. I thought it’d make the start of a good IoT project (because cloud).

My plan is to turn this into an indicator of when things are broken. The theme will be along the lines of:


Using a Wemos D1 mini I can have “the cloud” connect over wifi to a message queue to receive control messages instructing it on how to configure its lights.

A separate component running elsewhere (eg. on a Raspberry Pi) will publish to the message queue in response to something happening that should cause a light change.


Here’s the design. It uses a Wemos D1 mini clone with a few LEDs, 2n7000 mosfets and a resistor.


I put together a simple shield using some proto board and the components mentioned above.

The result is something I can control remotely over the network via MQTT.

The lights can be independently configured to be on or off.